Events, Awards

In August 2015 the Raffinée tonka bean was awarded with two star (silver medal) at Great Taste Award 2015 in London.


In May 2015 the company been awarded with three Bronze medals for three different Raffinée products at the Acedamy of Chocolate Awards contest in London, where only the best chocolate makers in the world are allowed to compare their skills. With this event chocoMe has recieved 9 international awards so far (and 26 awards in all).


Since it’s founding four years ago, chocoMe won it’s most important professional gastronomic award yet. In the spring of 2014, at one of the most prestigious, independent, international competitions the International Chocolate Awards the Hungarian chocolate manufactory won a Silver Medal at the European Finals, with it’s Piemonte Hazelnut Raffinée.

The award winning products from the European stage (semi-finals for the year’s last event) continued to participate at the International Chocolate Awards world championship (World Final), where the
chocoMe Hazelnut Raffinée product was also honoured with a Silver Medal in the “dragee-like milk chocolate products” category. chocoMe is the first and only Hungarian chocolate maker who managed to recieve honours at both the European and World Finals.


In August 2014 three chocoMe products were awarded (one creation with 2 stars and two chocolates with 1-1 stars) at the prestigious Great Taste Award 2014 in London.


In May 2014 chocoMe recieved yet another professional award, “officially” raising it amongst the best chocolate makers in the world. The Hungarian chocolate manufactory was weighed at one of the most prestigious independent international events
the International Chocolate Awards, and recieved a Silver Medal, with it’s Hazlenut from Piemonte Raffinée product.


In April 2014 chocoMe tried itself at the biggest annually held international desing competition the A’ DESIGN AWARD in Milan, and won. The entry was chosen in the Package Design category by 50 judges from all around the world.


In autumn of 2013 chocoMe was awarded again with HungarianBrands.


In August 2013 two chocoMe chocolate creations was awarded a star in the Great Taste Award 2013 gastronomy competition.


In 2012 chocoMe won Bronze on Árukereső.hu’s Shop of the Country competition.


In November 2012 Gábor Mészáros, owner of chocoMe won the „Promise of Future” award at the Ernst&Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition.


In autumn of 2012 chocoMe was awarded again with HungarianBrands.


In December 2011 on The Website of the Year competition chocoMe won the 1st place at brandsite category.


In November 2011 the Hungaropack Hungarian Package Competition honoured chocoMe package with a certificate of merit.


chocoMe was awarded with a HungarianBrands prize in October 2011.


On 1st September 2011, we were presented two significant awards in the Parliament of Hungary: the Hungarian Quality Product Grand Prize, as well as the Hungarian Quality Product Grand Prize–The Best Prize For Innovation.


In July 2011 the Golden Blade Award, which is the highest recognition in advertising, was given to chocoMe for its most recent innovation, the chocoMe “secret message machine”– a device that is able to pour emotions into chocolate form.


In June 2011 the Pakk packaging-design competition was organized for the third time. Within the category of “Food products” and the sub-category of “Sweets”, chocoMe won the first prize for its unique package.


In May 2011 the Hungarian Innovation Foundation honoured chocoMe Ltd. with a certificate for “chocoMe’s unique custom-designed hand-made chocolate bars” as a major innovation.